• Dr. Scher is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist working with clients in the areas of personal growth, anxiety and stress reduction, relationship enhancement, and mood improvement. She specializes in working with women and men with eating disorders, weight problems, stage of life and transition issues. In her work, she utilizes traditional humanistic and client centered therapy, as well as selected treatment methods including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy,) ) link and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) link. Moreover, she has received specialized training in integrating mindfulness (living in the moment) with psychotherapy, both as a coping strategy and as an opportunity for spiritual development.

    Dr. Scher’s practice focuses on developing inner strengths, insight, and new perspectives on current life situations and patterns. She supports clients in taking calculated risks to make changes for the better in their personal lives and interpersonal relationships. Clients see Dr. Scher as a caring, non-judgmental therapist who encourages them to fully express themselves, giving voice to their aspirations and emotions. Psychotherapy with Dr. Scher leads to increased self-efficacy and empowerment and improved self-confidence and self-expression. As an eating disorder specialist, Dr. Scher has found that in depth psychotherapy, and when necessary, a team approach, helps clients in developing healthy eating and exercise habits and recovering from disordered patterns of restriction or binging and purging. Furthermore, she assists clients in the development of a positive body image and sturdy inner character, overcoming socio-cultural challenges of excessive emphasis on thinness and external appearance.

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