Dr. Scher will also help you with a variety of concerns i.e.

    • relationship issues
    • intimacy and assertiveness
    • parenting
    • blended families, step-parent issues
    • attention and concentration problems
    • infertility and pregnancy related issues
    • eating/weight concerns and eating disorders
    • life transitions and/or losses
    • substance abuse and dependency
    • co-dependency
    • trauma and stress
    • anxiety or fears
    • anger issues difficulty in expressing feelings
    • divorce and separation concerns

    Individual Therapy – In individual therapy, you will be able to develop a one-to-one, supportive and nurturing relationship with Dr. Scher. She will help you to give voice to your feelings and to unravel the causes of self-defeating patterns. We will not dwell in the past, but will rather identify steps and strategies for changing these patterns, so that you will learn new and healthy ways to cope with life stressors. You will work collaboratively with Dr. Scher to determine the frequency of your visits to best accomplish your goals.

    Family and Couples Therapy – Family and couples therapy usually involves the people that are living in the same household or dealing with issues impacting the extended family. When indicated, this may include parents, siblings, spouses and grandparents. Dr. Scher works with combinations of family members to facilitate effective communication and supportive relationships. For families with a member with an eating disorder, family therapy is often recommended to help family members cope more effectively with the challenges of recovery.



    Adolescent Therapy: Dr. Scher sees adolescents ages 12 and older. She has worked on issues such as depression and anxiety, school adjustment, substance use/abuse, body image and eating issues, conflictual relationships and self esteem/identity issues. Dr. Scher helps empower your teen to more effectively identify feelings, give voice to their needs and more effectively negotiate their role within the family. Therapy may eventually involve parents in a family therapy modality so that all members can more effectively communicate their needs and desires and empathize with each other. Dr. Scher’s goals in working with teens include:

    • Increasing self esteem, resulting in more fulfilling relationships and improved self confidence.
    • Implementing effective strategies to cope with life’s challenges.
    • Improving relationships with peers and parents.
    • Developing anger management skills to improve family functioning.

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